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Necessary Endings

A while ago I wrote about how healthy people are growing people.  The other side of this, of course, is that to grow you necessarily have to leave stuff behind.  To become an adult, you must leave behind infancy, for example.  Your friends in grade 8 are not likely your friends now.  The job you had at 24 will be too small for you at 42.  So while growth is what healthy people do, “Necessary Endings” are also what healthy people need to do to allow growth to happen.  That is the title of a book by Dr. Henry Cloud that I just finished.


Photo courtesy of Fatty Tuna


He wrote the book to help people do necessary endings well.  We get stuck with endings and then risk getting our lives stuck.  We may not want to hurt feelings or have an aversion to uncomfortable confrontations or conversations.  We may think we are being selfish if other people are affected when we have to move on.  Dr. Cloud helps us navigate all these feelings in a healthy way so that we can make the necessary endings that make growth possible.


I highly recommend the book.  Let me know what you think.


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