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Never Waste a Good Illness

Many seem to have the naive idea that health or sickness happens by chance, that the cause of illness is simply bad luck.  If that’s you, you need to wake up!  You are missing some very great opportunities and handing over to chance, responsibility for one of your greatest assets, your health.


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It’s true that we all get sick, and we don’t much like it when we do.  When we have life pressing in on us with meals to make, kids to look after and jobs to do, it’s most inconvenient to not feel well enough to get things done.  But don’t waste the opportunity illness provides.  Like everything else in life, there is a reason why you get sick.  You were designed to be healthy and to have a strong enough body to handle this tough world we live in.  When you get sick, something has gone wrong.  Let’s have a look at some of the possibilities.


  1. Physical stress – Though you can spend it almost any way you want, the fact remains that you have only a limited amount of energy.  Your body needs rest, roughly 8-9 hours a night.  If you need an alarm to wake you up in the morning, you’re not getting enough sleep.  If you are running all day long, frantic from one task to the next, your energy is being spent on that at the expense of your immune system.  When you get sick, examine your physical state and your rest and activities.  Have you been pushing things?  What can you change to get more balanced?
  2. Chemical stress – What are you not eating that you should and what are you eating that you shouldn’t?  Do you have hidden food allergies that are putting a chronic load on your immune system.  These are the questions you might want to ask regarding your body’s chemistry.  There’s no rocket science here, your body needs certain things to keep going and there are certain other foods and chemicals that are hard on you.  When you get sick, especially if it happens regularly, have a look at what you’re putting in your mouth.
  3. Mental / Emotional stress - This is a big but largely overlooked source of sickness.  Your thoughts are like a giant broadcast system to the rest of the cells of your body.  If you are yelling messages of fear, anger, or resentment your body cells are going to react appropriately and go into survival mode.  If you make a habit of that, your health  and life will steadily shrink.  Conversely, if your thoughts speak messages of love and hope your cells will respond with growth and life.  Either way, you get to choose.  Take time when you’re sick to evaluate your thought life, examine your emotional state and see what you can uncover.


If you let it, sickness can be an opportunity for a richer life.  Be wise enough to examine the cause of your sickness and disciplined enough to make the changes you know would help you.  Get help if you need it and don’t waste another illness.


Have you ever had an illness through which you learned a valuable life or health lesson?

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