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Oh No, Here it Comes!

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I’m talking about the hectic pace of the fall and all it’s activities.  If you’ve got your children starting back at school and perhaps all their extra-curricular activities as well, you know what I mean.  This can require heroic juggling skills to pull off.  With hockey practice, music lessons, dance class, school plays and a myriad of other options, it’s no wonder life seems out of control.  But there are options.


One of the biggest threats to our health and the well being of our families is the constant stress of a busy life.  It almost becomes a contest to see who can be the busiest and survive.  It takes wisdom to balance the opportunities your kids have with their need for free time and room to grow.  Far too often, we fall to the temptation of doing too much.  We are too busy and we train our children to be too busy and in the process become human doings rather than human beings.


Consider the possible consequences of being over extended.


  1. Less family time – What your kids really want is your attention.
  2. Poor dietary habits – Restaurant food is never as good as home-made.
  3. Financial stress – Consider all the related costs.
  4. Fatigue – Late nights and early mornings add up.


There are some great things to be gained from team sports and other pursuits to be sure.  Some of the best the times my kids have had are related to these things.  Before you commit to more than you bargained for, try to get clear about how busy you want to be.  Some families even choose to take a year off to pursue other interests or to simply stay home and be a family.  Might that work for you?


What are some of your biggest scheduling challenges and how do you handle them?


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  1. Wanda says
    Sep 26, 2012 at 10:42 AM

    Very true, good insight.

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