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Only a Handful

There’s an observation of life called the Pareto principle or what you might have heard as the 80/20 rule.  It means something like this; eighty percent of the fish are found in twenty percent of the river or, only twenty percent of what you do produces eighty percent of your results.  This was first observed by a quality control expert working for General Motors by the name of Juran.  He discovered that the vast majority of errors in production were caused by only a handful of mistakes. As he studied this he realized that an Italian economist by the name of Pareto had also observed the same thing, hence the name of the principle.


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I recently read about this in a book called “The One Thing” and what struck me about this idea is that the same thing occurs in the human body.  That is, the vast majority of diseases are caused by only a handful of errors.  It’s a universal principle!  Think of it, a bad diet full of too much sugar and carbs leads to everything from autoimmune diseases, gut problems, thyroid issues, etc.  Though a bad diet is at the root, it has varied manifestation in different people.  In my world, one problem; subluxation or spinal misalignment, causes many different kinds of troubles.  In one person it’s headaches, another gets arthritis, someone else can’t think clearly while yet another can’t get pregnant.  One problem, many different symptoms.  A handful of mistakes causes the vast majority of errors.


What obviously stems from this is that a multitude of problems will therefore have a similar solution.  What do people who suffer from headaches, back pain, menstrual cramps and insomnia all need?  Adjustments to correct their one problem; a spinal subluxation.  So when some complain that many people get the same adjustments now you know why.  It’s because they have the same problem!  Only their symptoms are different.


By the way, get the book.  If you’re frustrated with having too much going on and not enough getting done, I think you’ll enjoy it.


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