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Overwhelmed by the Mess

I mentioned last week that I spent some time re-ordering my garage and that it was a daunting task at times.  It was especially so as I looked upon the pile of ‘junk’ in the middle to garage floor.  It was very clear to me that there was a lot to put away but it wasn’t at all clear where I should start.  It also seemed like too much to do.  Doesn’t life sometimes seem like that, like a big pile of unavoidable problems sitting in the middle of the floor.


My strategy became doing the next step.  After a bit of thinking it became clear what the next thing was.  I couldn’t see how the whole garage could get put back together but I could see what the next thing was.  So I did it.  When that was done, I looked for the next thing and then did that.  I got stuck a couple times and had to call in help for a different perspective.  That always got me unstuck and gave me better ideas than I could think up on my own.  In the end, it all fit back together quite nicely and gave us the order and efficiency we needed in the garage.  Even though I couldn’t foresee how it would look in the end, by doing the obvious ‘next thing’ it turned out great.


Photo courtesy of ddjang


I see the same pattern in my life.  The best I can do is ask for guidance and do the next thing all the while keeping the main goal in mind.


Do you ever get overwhelmed by the big job ahead of you?  How do you handle that?


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