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Pillar #1 - Nutrition

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The food you eat will either help you or harm you.  It’s really as simple as that.  The trick comes in figuring out which is which.


There is no end to the list of foods which will harm you but I would put them in two categories.  One type of harm will come if you are allergic and other is if you eat inherently harmful foods.  If you have digestive issues, skin problems, bags under your eyes, feel bad after you eat, or have low energy or poor sleeps, you may have allergies.  The scratch test your MD will recommend won’t help.  You need to see a naturopath who will do a blood food allergy test.


Most foods that aren’t good for you come under the processed variety and/or contain large amounts of sugar.  Sugar is especially toxic as it is literally addictive, triggers a crisis response in your nervous system and is very bad for your brain.


So what should you eat?  A simple, ideal diet would consist of about two-thirds vegetables and fruit and one-third meat.  On the vegetable and fruit side, you should eat 75% vegetables and 25% fruits.


Four rules to govern your eating habits:


  1. No between meal snacks.
  2. No eating after dinner.
  3. Only eat when hungry.
  4. Don’t overeat.


In addition, don’t eat processed food, or refined carbohydrates.  This is a tough one because we are a carb addicted society to be sure.  If you want to be fanatical, completely avoid alcohol, grains, and dairy.


Having said all that, set your goals carefully.  Decide which is the single most critical area for you to change and then pick an action step that is so small that you can’t possibly fail.  For example, if you feel that eating after dinner is a big problem for you don’t stop cold turkey.  Eat only two cookies instead of three, or one bowl of popcorn instead two.  Only once you’ve made that small change a habit, should you move on to the next step.  This applies to your entire health plan.  You can’t possibly expect to succeed if you tackle everything at once.


What’s your biggest nutrition challenge?


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