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Pillar #2 - Exercise

Photo courtesy of Troy B Thompson


At the very basic level, there are two essentials for life, fuel and activation.  In my last post I talked about the nutrition side of fuel.  Today we’ll talk about the oxygen side of fuel.  I say oxygen because one of the primary purposes of exercise is to increase the oxygenation of your body, particularly your brain.


In the old agrarian days when folks spent their days working hard and on their feet, there was little need for exercise, they got it just in the living of their lives.  The only times they were sedentary was when they were sick.  As you well know now, much of our day is spent sitting, either at work, driving, or in front of the tv.  Exercise then becomes a way to mitigate the effects of all that sitting.


Exercise helps you become more efficient at absorbing and utilizing oxygen.  Oxygen is absolutely vital for providing energy to your body.


The primary benefit of exercise is to provide activation or sensory input to your brain.  Your brain needs activation the way a hydroelectric dam needs water.  Without it, you lose power and become a very dim light bulb.


Below is a short list of benefits of exercise:

–  longer life

–  improve thinking and memory

–  better sex life

–  antidepressant

–  more energy


Exercise guidelines


  1. Find a way to be more active throughout the day.  Our EFL (exercises for life) DVD is a great free resource.
  2. The best kind of exercise is low intensity and long duration.  Boot camps are out!
  3. 3. Your target heart rate should be 180 – age.


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