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Pillar #4 - A Good Answer to WHY

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Henry David Thoreau said that men often live lives of quiet desperation.  Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living and the bible asks what profit a man gains if he gains the whole world but loses himself.  I contend that in order to be truly healthy you need a good answer to the deep questions of life.  I don’t mean that in a necessarily religious way but certainly in a spiritual way.  Why do you do what you do?  Does that satisfy you?  How do you know if you’re winning?


Until the past few years, I lived with a gnawing discontent that I wasn’t doing all that I should be doing.  Should I write a book, should I teach somewhere, should I do something else?  Was I missing my calling?  Being a man of faith, my ultimate desire was to please God.  But was I?


In my thinking and searching, I realized that an obscure dirt farmer in a third world country who loved his family well and provided for them, who was kind to his neighbors and loved God with all his heart could please God just as easily as someone of greater influence.  That realization clarified everything for me.  If God wanted more for me, he could let me know but for right now, I would stay put.  I would simply love God with all my heart and love my neighbor as myself.


Discovering that “why” for my life has brought me much peace and contentment and has most certainly made be healthier.


What is it for you?  Where do you have un-ease?  What big questions do you need to answer for yourself?  If you let them linger unanswered for too long, they will stop calling out to you and you will be poorer for not having pursued the answer.


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