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Pillar # 5 - Who's the Boss?

Photo courtesy of Images by John ‘K’


What will kill you quickest, lack of food or water or oxygen?  Clearly you’ll be dead the quickest without oxygen.  Why?  Because your nervous system, the most important system in your body, dies without it.


The ancient and revered Gray’s Anatomy textbook rightly labels the nervous system as the master control system.  It governs every other system, including your heart and your immune system.  Your nervous system is your brain, spinal cord, and the hundreds of miles of peripheral nerves that go forth and back to your organs and muscles.  Your nervous system is so extensive that if all else were taken away, you would still be recognizable.


It won’t surprise you to hear me say that your spine is of paramount importance because it protects your spinal cord.  It may, however, surprise you to know that your spine is a rich sensory organ unto itself.  What I mean by that is that your spine has millions of nerve ending in its dozens of joints which give continual feedback to your brain about every aspect of your well being.  It is literally the lifeline of your body.


Years ago research was conducted which illustrated the importance of your spine to your health.  In one set of experiments, spinal misalignments were found to produce pathological changes in the end organs of the nerves at that level.  In another group of experiments, hospital patients were examined and it was found that they consistently had spinal misalignments at the same level as the nerves that served the organs which were malfunctioning.  For example, if they had heart problems, the upper back was involved.  If kidney disease, the lower thoracic spine was inevitably affected.  Even that wise ancient inventor Thomas Edison acknowledged the importance of your spine when he said, “In illness look FIRST to the spine.”


So what do you need to do to keep it healthy?  Well thankfully it’s quite simple.  You simply need to keep your spine moving properly and the muscles around your spine strong and flexible.  Admittedly, our modern sedentary life makes that challenging but the good news is that we have chiropractors, experts in the spine and nervous system, to save the day!!


Honestly now, how important do you really think your nervous system is to your health?  Does it fall somewhere below your heart or even your teeth?  I’d be interested to know.


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