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Play to Your Strengths

Life is better when you’re doing what you love and you generally love doing what you’re good at. So rather than trying to be well rounded and work on your weaknesses, wouldn’t it be better to leverage your strengths and build on those? Being well rounded leads to mediocrity. Getting excellent at your strengths allows you to standout and really make an impact.

Photo courtesy of boondie182

Photo courtesy of boondie182

To that end, we did a fun evaluation on all of us at the office. It’s called Standout. It’s an evaluation that tests your responses to various scenarios and then gives you your top two traits along with strategies on how to maximize those strengths. The test only took 15 minutes and the results for all of us seem accurate. One of the cool things about the Standout program is that it will feed you weekly tips on how to continue to grow. I think it will be a helpful program for our team.

By the way, I am an AdvisorCreator. This means that I like to take the complex big picture,break it down, see what’s missing and fill the gaps; a problem solver. This works well for me since it’s what I do for a living! The report did say that, while I’m good at solving the problem, I don’t necessarily like to do the work of fixing things. That might be a problem at home!

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