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Quit Counting Calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, you are probably mindful of how many calories you eat. You’ve probably also noticed that if you starve yourself you might lose a little weight but more often than not you will eventually gain it back. When it comes to weight gain and loss, we’ve been fed a lie for a long time. How much we weigh is NOT about how much we eat but about WHAT we eat.

The problem has been the lack of acknowledgement that your body has natural ‘set points’ for everything including our weight. It’s called homeostasis. That is, your body tightly regulates a multitude of factors continuously and keeps them in tight control. The real trouble causing us to be overweight is that there is a problem with our cellular energy, particularly with regard to fat metabolism. If your cells are needing fuel but not getting it, you will feel hungry and want to eat. If you don’t eat (counting calories), your body has no choice but to slow down your metabolism to conserve energy. That shows up as being tired and manifests as low activity. But hunger is a strong urge and most of us eventually give in. It seems like a ‘no-win’ situation, either be hungry, miserable and lean or be fat, tired and guilty.

Photo courtesy of Tzikou

Photo courtesy of Tziko

The truth is that we are eating the wrong things. What our bodies need is more fat and protein and far fewer carbohydrates. It’s the carbs that mess up our fat metabolism through insulin. When we eat carbs, insulin levels rise to process the sugar. The other side of insulin action, however, is to store fat. So the only way to lose fat is to lower your insulin levels. And the only way to do that is to eat fewer carbs.

Don’t count calories, count carbohydrates. When you slow down your carb consumption it’ll jack up your fat metabolism and you’ll have more energy, less hunger, and lose weight.

Check out Gary Taube’s new book, “Why We Get Fat”  for more in depth study.

What’s been your experience with weight loss? 

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  1. Carol K says
    Apr 28, 2014 at 12:53 PM

    Did you hear about the documentary being released on May 9th titled, "Fed Up"? Looks very interesting. , watch the trailer.

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