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School's in, Another Year of Struggle?

Struggles in school are becoming more and more of an issue these days.  Teachers see it, parents worry over it, grandparents know it and students live it.  Are you ready for another year of it or would you like to break that cycle?



While a multitude of factors come into play, often the primary problem is some form of neuro-developmental delay.  One of the most common manifestations of this deficit is in motor planning and sequencing or rhythm and timing.  Research has further suggested that as these deficits are corrected, performance improves.


What would stop you from giving this a look?  If you’ve tried everything else; drugs, tutors, punishment, nagging, modified programs, why not give a drugless, non-invasive, highly effective approach a try?


Have a look at for more information and give us a call for an assessment.

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