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Silver Bullet Thinking


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I’m surprised how often folks expect long-standing, progressive life-style caused problems to be fixed quickly.  I understand the hope that it could be speedily resolved but not the belief that it can be.  That belief even persists after an explanation of why it’s going to take some time!  The reason I’m concerned about this silver bullet thinking is because unrealistic expectations can derail what could be an otherwise normal recovery.


Here’s my advice for a more realistic approach.


  1. Be clear – Be clear about exactly what your problem is, how it developed and what it’s going to take to solve it.
  2. Reaffirm you strategic solution – Develop a plan to get better than you can really believe in.  Don’t start something unless you can truly see it leading to success.
  3. Stay focused – There’s going to be bumps along the way that tempt you to quit.  If it was a good plan before, it’s a good plan now.  Stick to your tasks and persist.
  4. Believe in the future – Your unwavering belief in your ultimate success is what will finally see you prevail.  This is called the Stockdale Paradox.  Read about it here.


What do you need to overcome that will take something more than a mythical silver bullet?


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