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Sometimes it Rains


Sometime it rains when you go fishing.


Sometimes you might be sore after adjustment.  Let me explain a few reasons why.


  1. You were sore before you got the adjustment.  Although adjustments often trigger miracles, they aren’t magic.  If you were injured and inflamed before, you will still be inflamed afterwards.  Time is needed for your body to heal, even after a good adjustment.
  2. Healing can be uncomfortable.  Change often hurts, even good change.  Having parts of your body wake up after being asleep or not working properly can trigger new  or uncomfortable sensations.  It’s part of the process.
  3. You were in really bad shape.  Sometimes an adjustment breaks scar tissue or adhesions that haven’t moved in a hundred years.  That can be a shock.
  4. It was a big adjustment. When a joint has been stuck badly for a long time, it not only takes skill and deftness but a bit of force to get it moving.  Difficult adjustments like that sometimes leave you feeling a little sore for a few days.
  5. It may not have been the best adjustment.  If I didn’t speak to this, you’d think less of me I’m sure.  Though very rare, sometimes your body simply doesn’t receive the adjustment well.  Thankfully, the ill effects are typically short-lived and we both learned something that will help us in the future.


If you should happen to be uncomfortable about how you feel after an adjustment, the number one thing I would recommend is that you speak to your doctor as soon as possible to find out why.  Whether you know it or not, you and your doctor are a team that works best when communication is open, clear and frequent.


By the way, that’s me in the boat, trying to get my hat, in a hail storm, with my son watching, laughing, and taking a picture.  Yes, sometimes it rains when you go fishing.


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