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Spinal Fitness Lab Bragging

I’m going to brag a bit today, I hope you’ll forgive me.  I was wandering around my office on the weekend and lingered in our Spinal Fitness Lab.  I have to say that I’m impressed; we have a unique array of equipment and we know how to use it!


Our idea of developing the fitness lab was to be able to solve rehabilitation and performance problems that our patients couldn’t solve anywhere else, and to be able to do it quickly.  The flagship piece of equipment is the Spineforce which strengthens and restores coordination to the foundational muscles in your body. By the way, of the 639 muscles you have, 434 could be called foundational muscles so this is a rather important thing.


We also have three balance platforms to improve your balance.   Stand on one leg with your eyes closed and you may quickly realize that all the sitting you do has stolen your balance.  We can help you get that back quickly with the balance platform.  Your posture, balance, spinal pain, and even your cognitive abilities will improve.


The rest of our equipment, (vibration plates, Versa Climber, Upper Body ergometer, and Propriomeds) serve their unique purposes to help you either recover from an injury or improve your performance.  On top of all of that we have a cracker jack personal postural expert who will give you personal attention and help.  Ashley has been tremendous in stepping into this role and will be a real asset to you.


Ashley with Propriomed


Many of these services are just part of what we offer and are included in the price of admission.  Where else can you get that kind of comprehensive care?  There is a fee for the more intensive programs and the value you receive at being able solve long standing and frustrating problems is, as the commercials say, priceless.


If you haven’t been back to take a look at what we’ve got going on, let us know and Ashley will happily show you around.


Thanks for indulging my bragging!


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