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Stress and Illness

Stress, in its various forms, is the root cause of almost all illness. Physical stress like accidents, falls, trauma, sitting, and postural habits cause mechanical damage to your body, eroding joints, weakening muscles and stiffening ligaments. Chemical stress in the form of eating too much bad food and not enough good food weakens your body’s biochemistry and leads to chronic low-grade inflammation and a host of degenerative diseases common in our western world. Finally, chronic emotional stress in the form of unresolved conflict or work and relational stress pushes your nervous system away from life enhancing tone and toward basic survival mode where growth and repair is compromised.

Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver

The sum total of all this stress can be viewed as a burden upon your body and life. The heavier the load and the longer you’ve carried it, the greater toll and damage you can expect. Disease and ill health are always the result. Your current health challenges are most certainly a result of prior stress in your life and your future health problems will be the result of the stress you continue to endure.

Our immediate goal is to help you out of your current crises or health challenge and we can discuss how we are going to do that. But we also don’t want you to be surprised about what you might face going forward. In fact, most disease is not inevitable and can be avoided by simply doing a few things differently.

Fortunately, your body carries signs of the effects of stress which can be observed and measured before symptoms and disease appear. If you’re curious about how you’re doing, just ask.

Do you believe that most disease can be avoided?

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