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Stretching is a Waste of Time

Stretching is a waste of time. Well, not entirely but almost! How can that be when you hear that you should stretch before you exercise and after you exercise and whenever you have any kind of body ache or pain? And doesn’t stretching feel good and make us less prone to injury? That stretching by itself is good for you, is nothing more than a giant myth and in fact, does a fair bit of harm!

Photo courtesy of Yathin.

Photo courtesy of Yathin.

While it’s true that you feel good after a stretch, it’s not’s true that it does any real good for you by itself. This is because your problem is not fundamentally tight, spasmed muscles. Your problem is weak and dysfunctional muscles. What you really need to do is get stronger. When you do that, you’ll find that your flexibility will automatically improve and you’ll feel better to boot. So if you stretch a muscle group like your chest muscles, you should always strengthen the muscles on the opposite side.

It’s rarely necessary to stretch your back muscles. They always get tight because they are weak and your failing posture allows your head to drop forward subsequently pulling your weakened spinal muscles tight. Stretching only serves to destabilize your spine and make you more prone to injury. So if you feel tight across your shoulders and neck or anywhere in your back, strengthen don’t stretch!

Have you ever had any lasting symptom relief from stretching or do you have to keep on doing it to maintain the relief?

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