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Stymied Dreams

Photo courtesy of Jono Colliver


She was 17 years old and an elite synchronized swimmer with Olympic dreams.  For the past 18 months though, she was unable to raise her left arm above her head.  She had a condition called frozen shoulder syndrome.  In spite of numerous and expensive diagnostic testing, the cause of her problem could not be determined and her dreams were put on hold as she suffered without hope.


Meanwhile, in Dallas, Texas, a chiropractor had discovered that the real cause of frozen shoulder was a central nervous system problem that could be corrected by a precise chiropractic adjustment followed by some specific postural rehabilitation.  The results were often dramatic and immediate.


When this young lady met with that particular adjustment, she did, in fact, respond dramatically.  With a bright, surprised smile she was able to lift her arm smoothly over her head for the first time in over a year.  Her dreams were back in view.


This is what I observed and trained on at a recent seminar.  Have a look at to view real before and after videos.  If you know someone who has frozen shoulder, send them to a trained doctor and don’t let them suffer.  I can help.


Have you ever heard of frozen shoulder syndrome before?


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