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Summer Vacation

Thanks for giving us a bit of time off. We enjoyed it and have come back refreshed and ready to go. I’m about to start another neurology class online and always enjoy that kind of studying. We are also excited about how we’ve re-structured the services we offer, including the Spineforce. If you’re interested in how that can help you, please ask.

My short vacation with my sons and dad was great fun. We went to Montana to fish the Missouri River for a couple days. The fishing was tough because the fish were smarter than we were! In spite of that, though, we had a really good time. We were upmontana fishing early (5am) all three days and floated down the river in the heat of the day so by the time we were off the river, we were hot and tired.

The most memorable part of the trip was launching the boat on the first morning. The launch was busy with guides and fisherman hanging around so it’s always a bit of a nervous time backing the trailer up, even if you’ve done it a hundred times. You want to look like you know what you’re doing. When I got it to the water, I saw that Michael was by the boat and thought he was ready to grab it. He wasn’t! When I looked back he was standing there watching it float away downstream! So I looked at his brothers in the other boat thinking they would be springing into action to save the day. They were taking pictures! It turns out that Michael’s hesitation was simply trying to think what he had in his pockets before he dove in, which he did shortly after. The cold water certainly woke him up but he did save the boat! So much for looking like we knew what we were doing!

I hope you create good memories this summer too.

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