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Photo courtesy of Scott Robinson

There are a lot of rewards in doing what I do for a living. I suppose each of us has his own reasons to be thankful. Here are a few of mine.

1. The body fascinates me; how it works, how it doesn’t, how it’s put together. But knowledge for knowledge’s sake doesn’t do much for me so thanks for letting me put this knowledge to work!
2. I like to solve problems, especially ones that no-one else has been able to solve. Some of you have brought me some especially challenging issues. Thanks for seeking for my advice.
3. I’m curious and interested in what you’re up to. Thanks for indulging my questions and sharing a bit of your life with me. You are fascinating!
4. I want to do what’s best and in the best way. If something isn’t responding as well as I’d hoped, I need to know about it. Thanks for your feedback.
5. There are times when it’s impossible to know and the best we can do is make an educated guess. Thanks for trusting your body and me enough to wait through those times of uncertainty.
6. Thanks for sharing with me book titles that you’ve enjoyed. I really like to read.
7. Thanks for getting better. I know that your healing is really up to you but I feel responsible for it in a way too. This would be a really tough job if you didn’t get better. I know it’s what you come for, but I still appreciate it.

I hope that you are able to experience a really deep sense of thankfulness this Thanksgiving. After all, it’s what the holiday is for!!

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