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The Bark is worse than the Bite

Isn’t it true that our fears are often worse than the real thing?  I say this especially in relation to adjustments and that sometimes scary popping

Photo courtesy of Bichon Frise.

Photo courtesy of Bichon Frise.

noise.  I really understand that some people are freaked out about the noise and the whole process, especially with regard to neck adjustments.  I still remember watching, in my first year of Chiropractic College, a clinician adjust the neck of a second year student.  He seemed to turn that boy’s neck around so far that he could see the tattoo between his shoulder blades!  It freaked me out!  But it’s not that way in my practice to be sure.

The truth of the matter is that getting adjusted is very safe and that it feels so much more gentle than it can look.  It’s also true that the sound comes from little gas bubbles forming and then popping in the synovial fluid that lubricates and nourishes the joint.

My experience has been that neck adjustments can be uncomfortable in two types of necks.  The first type is a neck that has some instability in it, perhaps from some sort of accident or fall.  Our exam will discover those types of necks and we simply take a different approach that is more appropriate.  The other type of spine that can react with soreness is a very stiff and arthritic spine.  But again, the exam will uncover that and we take a different approach.

So, if you’re having trouble and are a little afraid of being adjusted, it’s still very much worth investigating.  The reason is that many neck problems cannot be resolved by anything except adjustments and it’s well worth facing your fears to get the relief you need and deserve.  My advice would be to find a chiropractor you trust and talk to him/her about it.  If he’s worth his salt, he’ll respect your wishes and guide you to the best solution.

What’s your biggest fear in seeing a chiropractor? 

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