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The Dentists Have It Right

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The laws of nature are very predictable.  It’s only those who are unaware that get caught by surprise.  That is certainly true with spinal pain.  The fact is, unless you suffer some sort of trauma, pain never shows up without reason.  Would you like to know the reason?  Read on.


Dysfunction is the reason.  Your spinal joints have very complex biomechanics that demand that the joints slide and turn in precise ways and that the muscles work in exacting ways to stabilize as you move.  This is overlaid by the front to back curves in the spine which give strength to the whole structure.  It’s a brilliant design that works exceptionally well.


The trouble is that we were made to move and we now don’t move as much as our bodies need.  Sitting as much as we do leads to dysfunction, or improper motion in the joints of our spine.  It affects each part of the spine differently but every part is certainly affected, from your neck to your pelvis.  Over time, the dysfunction leads to inflammation, which leads to pain, which evolves into degenerative changes and arthritis.  It’s a predictable process.  I don’t want you to be surprised about it.


You can now see that pain is not really the problem, the dysfunction and lifestyle that lead to it is the real problem.


So what can you do about it?  I think the dentists have the right idea.  Tooth decay doesn’t happen except with neglect.  They’ve trained us to look after our teeth by brushing, flossing and getting the small problems fixed early.  My wish is that we’d begin to look after our spines in the same way.  Live a little more actively, do simple strengthening exercise throughout your day and get the little problems fixed with periodic adjustments.


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