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The Left Brain

See if you can imagine how our world drives us into our left brains by this list of left brain functions.


–  See the small details

–  Controls fine motor skills

–  Verbal side of your brain

–  Reading, writing, speaking side

–  Literal side

–  This is the side that talks to yourself

–  Linear and logical

–  Pattern recognition, (music)

–  Curious, IQ

–  Loves routine and hates new things

–  Approach behavior as opposed to avoidance, safe behavior of right side

–  Activates immune system


Photo courtesy of alex_ford


The left brain serves an important function but we were never meant to spend our whole lives there.  When your child is upset, for example, empathy (right) is much better than logic (left)!


Which side do you spend most of your time in?


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