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The Light Bulb Guy was on to Something!

Thomas Edison is credited with a quote that I’m sure you’ll recognize. Edison, you may know, was a pretty smart and innovative fellow with 2332

Photo courtesy of  Grant Rambojun

Photo courtesy of Grant Rambojun

world-wide patents. In 1903 he predicted that medicine was about “played out” and that the “Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Granted, he said this at a time prior to the discovery of antibiotics and where much of medicine was found to be quite useless (blood letting and that sort of thing). It might be argued that progress has been made in many areas but has it really? Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological degenerative diseases, arthritis and many other conditions are doing quite well in spite of these modern advances. It remains that a different kind of doctor is still required! Or at least a different approach to health care is urgently needed.

My opinion is that much of what we need to know about health and how the body works is, in fact, known. Further advances in knowledge will not revolutionize anything. Even further advances in the so called natural remedies that are becoming so popular, will not help. They are just a different shade of treating disease from the outside in. Does it really make much difference if it’s an aspirin we take or echinacea? What we need instead, is a revolution in how we think about health and apply that knowledge. It’s simply not wise to wait for disease to happen.

Have a closer look at the Edison quote. Can you think of a health profession that best fits the description of his prediction?

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