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The Line

I have heard rumors of its existence and have inadvertently crossed it on occasion. Although I’ve never actually seen it, I believe it exists. What I’m talking about is “the line”. Kids know about it with their parents and husbands sometimes cross it with their wives and even employees with their bosses but did you know you can cross it with yourself?

yellow line

Photo courtesy of Sherman Tan

You can push the limits of your health and vitality for a while without suffering any obvious consequences and therefore think that you are getting away with something. But that won’t last forever. Eventually, you will cross “the line” and begin to feel the effect of your transgressions! The truth is that crossing the line is never really a surprise if you pay even a little bit of attention. There are always warning signs, even though they may be subtle.

Your body is polite and considers you to be a competent and responsible owner. It always does the best it can with what you do with it and won’t bother you unless there is an urgent need. It sends you signals from time to time hoping that you’ll alter a dangerous course but it won’t sound the alarms unless it’s absolutely necessary. Those big alarms come in the form of obvious symptoms and demand a response from you.

Bear in mind that the symptom is not the problem, it’s only pointing you to the problem. Most of the time the real problem has been some chronic unhealthy habit or practice. So when you cross “the line”, it’s always a good idea to reflect on how you’ve been living and find a way to make the change. If all you do is suppress the symptom, you can look forward to more line crossing experiences.

What is the most important aspect of your health to you?

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