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The Right Brain

Are you in your right mind?  There are two hemispheres to your brain, the right and left.  In our modern culture the right brain is effectively discriminated against and therefor tends to get relatively weaker compared to the left.  Here are a few of the functions of the right brain:


–  Holds the big picture

–  In charge of moving big muscles, controls posture and gait

–  Controls balance and body position sense

–  Reads and interprets body language, helps in socialization

–  Learns subconsciously

–  Is the emotional side

–  Empathetic to others

–  Cautious, safe side of the brain

–  Pays attention

–  Likes new situations, routine is boring

–  Controls the immune system, inhibits allergies

–  Controls digestion and heart rate


Photo courtesy of renedepaula


Right from in the womb until about 2 years old, most brain development is on the right side.  Anything that interferes with prenatal development, the birth process, or healthy growth during the first two years will affect how the right brain grows.


We’ll look at the left side next time and follow up with what happens when things go wrong.


Can you see our world if the people in it all have weak right brains?

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