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The Winter Calm??

Winter is coming and in some ways it could be a relief. The summer weather is great to enjoy along with the beauty of the earth alive with greenery. But can’t it also be a time of busyness, especially for us Canadians.

Photo courtesy of  Rod Ramsey

Photo courtesy of Rod Ramsey

The summer is so short that we try to pack as much outside activity in these brief days as we can. I can imagine that in days of old, this time of year would come and all the preparations for winter would be complete and people would look forward to a slower, quieter pace. The cold tends to drive us indoors, around the fire, with our families. It sounds nice to me. There would be more opportunity to just sit and be with each other, to pull the fiddle out and a have a few tunes with the neighbours (think ‘Little House on the Prairie’).

But we don’t do that anymore. Winter time is a time of accelerating our pace, especially with our children. Organized sports and organized everything leaves less time to just be and to just play. Have we lost something important because of it?

What do you think; does a busier life mean a richer life?

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