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Too Close to the Edge

There’s a river in the mountains I enjoy fishing and to get to it I have to drive over a rather rough gravel road with a steep drop off and no guard rails. It’s worse coming home because you have to drive on the outside of the road with the thousand foot drop only inches away. It gets dicier still if

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Flower

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Flower

you happen to meet another vehicle coming up. You could say that there is very little margin for error. I don’t mind doing it because the fishing, scenery or solitude is always worth that small stretch of terror but I certainly wouldn’t want to drive that close to the edge all the time!

How many of us live regularly with very little margin for error? Our habits and lifestyle can push our margins to a razor thin level so that only a very little error leads to disaster. This can happen with money, relationships, or our health. Perhaps the stress you feel is simply from driving too close to the edge for too long without ever actually experiencing the beauty, rest and recreation we all need. I urge you to have a deeper look, especially if the general sense you have of yourself is always being under some kind of pressure.

What is your biggest need right now? What’s keeping you from being satisfied right now? What can you do about it?

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