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Want to Know the Avoidable Cause of Cancer?

What would your conclusion be if you ran across the following scenario again and again?  Isolated societies with no evidence of the diseases we commonly encounter, no appendicitis, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, or even cancer.  And what if you talked to other physicians who serviced different isolated people groups and they all reported the same phenomenon?  And what would you further think if when some of these people began eating a westernized diet, they began to express each and every one of these diseases?


Something is going on!!  Exactly!  That is really what happened about a hundred years ago and something was definitely going on.  Can you guess what the only common denominator was?  It was sugar.  Every single time sugar consumption in a population jumped from less than 20 pounds per year to over 70 and now upwards of 150 pounds per year per person, diseases started showing up.  Sugar is the culprit but man is the accessory and it makes me angry.


Photo courtesy of donielle

Photo courtesy of donielle


All of this has been purposely downplayed to push a different agenda.  In fact, all this nonsense about eating a low fat diet and keeping our cholesterol low is a big fat lie too.  If you eat less fat, you need to get calories from somewhere else and that somewhere else is carbohydrates.  That’s right, sugar!  The last hundred years have been a tragically failed public health experiment that has cost millions of lives and countless suffering and grief.


What you and I need to do now is dramatically drop our sugar consumption.  I would suggest that you eat less than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day with no refined carbohydrates.  That means you’ll have to get more of your calories from proteins and fats.  Don’t be afraid of that; fats, especially saturated fats, are okay.  But that’s a subject for a future post.


Let me know how you do with reducing your carbs, especially your refined carbs.  By the way, if you want to read more about this, pick up the book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes.


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