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We Heal at Different Rates

While the healing process tends to happen in the same order all the time, it doesn’t always take the same amount of time. There are a number of factors that affect how fast we heal. Incidentally, feeling better is not the same as being better. We typically feel better long before we actually are better.

There are two types of injuries that we see, acute and chronic. Acute injuries are ones that just happened, like a car accident or a fall. Chronic injuries are ones that have been there or been building for a long time. Some chronic injuries are obvious, like the neck or low back pain that’s bothered you for years. Other chronic injuries can seem acute because the pain showed up suddenly, like when your back ‘goes out’. But these really are chronic injuries that have flared up. You can tell the problem is an old one because you really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. The problem then, isn’t something you did but something inside.

Photo courtesy of Omer Unlu

Photo courtesy of Omer Unlu

Here then, are a few things that will affect the rate at which you heal:

The severity your problem – more severe injuries take longer to heal
The chronicity of your problem – older injuries require more time
Your age – in general, younger people heal faster
How healthy you are – people in better health heal faster
How many drugs you take – both over the counter and prescriptions drugs delay healing
The exact nature of your problem – disc injuries, for example, are slower to heal
Your diligence and attitude in looking after yourself – positivity and determination go a long way

Can you think of anything else that will affect how fast you heal?

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