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Weak Posture

What’s the big deal about posture? First of all, I think the terms ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ posture are more instructive that ‘good’ or ‘bad’ posture. This is true mainly because it implies that there is something that can be done to strengthen your posture if it happens to be weak.

The main culprits of weak posture are inactivity and lifestyle habits. If we

Photo Courtesy of Peronimo.

Photo Courtesy of Peronimo.

aren’t moving around and regularly using our postural muscles they will surely weaken. If you spend much of your time texting or reading or anything else which routinely requires your head to be forward, you risk a weakening posture as well.

Weak posture is the fundamental deficit behind the majority of musculoskeletal complaints. Everything from plantar fasciitis to rotator cuff problems and headaches can be traced back to weak posture. To get long lasting relief from any problem, you really need to pay some attention to posture.

One last thing to think about: The number one risk factor for dementia and Alzheimer’s is inactivity which also happens to be the number one risk factor in developing weak posture. Coincidence? Hardly! Posture is really a reflection of brain function.

Based on what you’ve learned, what might be the best way to strengthen your posture?

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