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What does an Adjustment do anyway?

What does an adjustment do besides make you feel better? That’s a good question. If all an adjustment did was make you feel better there are certainly other ways to accomplish that!

First of all, what is an adjustment? I guess before I answer that question I need to tell you quickly about subluxations. Do you remember your school days when you had to hole punch your notes and assignments to put them in your binder? Well imagine that someone ‘popped’ your binder and you’ve now got to align those holes so they’ll slip back through the rings of the binder. The misaligned holes are something like a subluxation of your spine.

Now think of a stiff creaky wheel on a shopping cart at the grocery store. It won’t roll easily and it sticks in one position so it’s always wanting to slide your cart away from where you want it to go. That’s like a subluxation too. So a subluxation has both a misalignment component and an element of improper movement.

Photo courtesy of Jackie

Photo courtesy of Jackie

Now imagine watching television and seeing the picture become pixelated and the sound cutting in and out. This also is like a subluxation because of how the flow of information is interfered with.

Now back to the adjustment and what it does. Very simply, adjustments correct subluxations and this has two main effects. The first is that the mechanical interference is resolved as your spinal bones go back in place and start moving correctly again. This is the reason that adjustments feel good and you start moving much more easily. The second effect is on your nervous system. The picture and sound get restored to normal, if you will. The interference to your nervous system is reduced. This is why you sleep better, focus more clearly and function better in general.

By the way, if you have subluxations, nothing else will fix them except adjustments. So while they typically help you feel better, the primary benefit is to help you heal better by making your joints and nervous system happier.

What’s the most surprising result you’ve experienced from an adjustment?

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