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What is the Best way to Live

We live in a ‘relative’ world where people don’t often believe in absolute truth. But whether a person believes in it or not doesn’t change the fact that there is absolute truth. That is certainly true for living well and being healthy.

There are certain habits of lifestyle that work best. These are facts that have been proven by experience and experiment. There is not much mystery to this and most of what we need to know to be healthy is indeed known. You can find this out easily enough for yourself by your own research or experimentation.

It is commonly accepted that the following areas play a vital role in your health or lack of it:

Rest – You need some!
Diet – There is a best way to eatlive
Stress – We do best when not under constant stress
Activity – The longest living folks adopt a certain type and level of exercise
Relationship – We are meant to live in harmony with one another
Nervous System – It’s the master control system and shouldn’t have interference

Notice that there are no categories labeled “Drugs” or “Surgery”. The reason is that they don’t have anything at all to do with health. They are only needed in crises or emergency.

So if you’re having health challenges, look to one or more of these areas and begin to align your habits with what works best.

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