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What to do for Sciatica?          

That was the question I asked myself for the first three years of my practice.  I really didn’t know what to do with people suffering a bulged disc and leg pain.  The adjusting techniques I had been taught in school just didn’t do the job.

Looking to find a solution, I attended a seminar put on by Dr. James Cox on
managing low back pain and that was the turning point.  I was so impressed by what I learned, that I bought the demonstration table and have never Cox table 2looked back.  My first patient was referred to me by a chiropractor friend in Calgary.  This poor fella had been suffering 9 months without relief.  I remember him telling me how he had to drive out sitting on his foot as it was the only way to get comfortable.  Within a couple weeks it was clear that he was on the mend.

I certainly would not have wanted to practice without the “Cox”technique or tables these past twenty plus years.  There is nothing else that even comes close to the success rate for people with this difficult and scary problem.  The reason for its effectiveness lies in the hands-on approach and the direct disc decompression that results.  Specific answers are required for specific problems and the Cox technique is the best specific answer for disc and sciatic pain.

What’s your story with severe low back pain?

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