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What to do When you are in Trouble

When you are in trouble, no matter what the trouble is, the first and best thing to do is to quit doing the wrong thing. Does that seem obvious to you? It does to me too, but it is really quite profound as well.

Photo courtesy of Alex:D

Photo courtesy of Alex:D

If you’ve got money trouble, for example, the first thing to do is to quit spending money you don’t have. If you’re arguing with your wife, it would be best to quit talking! It’s the same way with your health. Every illness has a cause. Granted, some causes are tougher to uncover than others but the principle remains; quit doing the wrong thing first. Many times that’s all that needs to be done. If you remove the cause, your body is quite capable of healing and recovering from the damage.

Many times though, the wrong thing that needs to be stopped is something that you either like to do or seems like you need to do. That is, it serves some purpose. This always complicates things because we can become quite attached to these habits. In that case we are in danger of wasting time looking for silver bullets.

This is just something to think about. Would your health improve if you quit eating sugar, stopped staying up too late, refrained from becoming over-committed, limited time with people that stress you out, or watched less television?

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