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What's the Best Way to Sleep?


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Soundly, of course!  If you’ve got a healthy spine, you can sleep anyway you prefer and be just fine.  The problems come if your spine isn’t healthy.  Here are some general rules.


  1. Get a good bed – It used to be thought that a firm mattress was best, now, simply find one that’s comfortable, neither too hard nor too soft.
  2. Have a good pillow – Again comfort is key but only with one pillow, two is asking for trouble.  Your pillow should bridge the gap between your shoulder and your neck.
  3. Not on your stomach – Stomach sleeping will create trouble for both your low back and your neck.
  4. Breathing problems – Sleeping on your back tends to aggravate night time breathing issues.  You may have noticed this if you sleep with a snorer.
  5. Side is best – Although this can aggravate shoulder problems, in general, side sleeping is best for your less than perfect spine.


Additional thoughts.


–  Get enough sleep.  Sleep deprivation has serious health and performance consequences.  You know if you’re getting enough sleep when you wake up on your own without an alarm.

–  Naps are good.  A mid-day nap less than 30 minutes will boost your productivity.


What’s your biggest challenge with getting a good sleep?


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