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What's the Difference?

Photo courtesy of Julia Manzerova


What’s the difference between chiropractic and medicine?  Historically, there has been an adversarial relationship.  But it doesn’t have to be that way nor should it be that way.  There are plenty of politics at the root of this strife but setting that aside, what I’d really like to do is illuminate the differences between the two professions.  This may help you decide when it is most appropriate to seek the services of either profession.  So here goes.


Chiropractic is concerned with promoting health.  Medicine’s purpose is to eliminate disease.


Chiropractic cares for the person with the disease while medicine treats the disease that’s got the person.


To the chiropractor the nervous system is supreme but to the medical doctor, it’s the circulatory system.


Chiropractic strengthens immune function while medicine kills germs.


Chiropractic enhances your body’s ability to adapt while medicine suppresses symptoms.


Medicine makes drugs or the doctor the hero.  With chiropractic, the patient’s ability to heal is the hero.


Though the professions have varied purposes, contrasting philosophies, and different practices, there is no reason why they can’t coexist.  The ultimate goal is not professional turf protection but making your life better.


What experiences have you had where both professions have worked well together for your benefit?


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