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When Right Goes Wrong

I’ve discussed the role of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, now let’s have a look at what happens when their function deteriorates.


You’ll recall the brain is the master control system for your body and influences all other systems, including your immune system.  When the right brain is weak, it puts the immune system into overdrive so that it is on constant defense, even when there isn’t an enemy.  This can lead to allergies, asthma and subtle food sensitivities.  Other signs of right brain deficiency, especially in children, are:


–  Poor tone in the large muscles

–  Poor gross motor skills, gait, balance, rhythm and timing

–  Hard time making friends, says the wrong things

–  Picky eaters

–  Can read but can’t understand it

–  Poor attention and impulse control


These kids are often diagnosed with a label on the Autism spectrum.


Adults with right brain deficiency have forgotten how to dream, handle stress poorly and are often overwhelmed.  They are concerned about details but have forgotten the bigger picture of what those details are to serve.  They tend to have rigid routines, don’t care for change and gravitate toward the familiar.


Photo courtesy of isabisa


The good news is that this can change!  Targeted exercises and activities can activate the dormant right sided pathways and begin to strengthen the right brain.  If you don’t believe that, your right brain is likely weak!


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