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Why I'm Confident You'll Get Better

I know you’ll get better because your body wants to.  It’s that simple.  You have no doubt observed that when you scrape or cut yourself, your body repairs the wound in a matter of several days.  That’s because your body is very smart.  It knows how to run itself and how to heal.  There are hundreds of things your body is doing right now completely automatically without any thought or input on your part.  Your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion and dozens of other facets of self regulation are continually being monitored and kept at exactly where they need to be.  Chiropractors call this healing power innate intelligence.  That means that there is an inborn intelligence in your body that you can count on.
Your body really has no choice about getting better if you start to do the right things and quit doing the wrong things.  That’s exactly what we’ve begun with you and your body will respond.
There are a number of factors, though, that affect how quickly you heal:
  1. How long you’ve had the problem – Chronic problems take longer
  2. Severity – Bigger problems tend to take longer
  3. Age – Younger people tend to heal faster
  4. Fitness level - Higher fitness generally means faster recovery
  5. Stress and Anxiety – Less stress is best
  6. Diet – A bad diet can cause chronic inflammation which slows healing
  7. Compliance - Do the things you’re supposed to.
  8. Attitude – Look for improvement and don’t dwell on symptoms.
  9. Rest - Everything hurts worse if you’re tired
  10. Communicate - Things change, I need to know
If you ever get concerned that things aren’t going as you think they should, talk to your doctor.  Remember, He decided to help you because he thought he could help you best.
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