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Why is Sugar Poison?

Some things are not a matter of opinion. They are just facts. They remain facts whether people agree or disagree or whether there is confusion about it or not. The truth remains and much of it can be known. In this instance, the facts I am talking about are with regard to nutrition and what is the best way to eat. Granted, there is much confusion and misinformation regarding nutrition and it may be difficult to discern what is, in fact, best. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “best” way to eat.

Photo courtesy of VENENO CASEIRO

Photo courtesy of VENENO CASEIRO

Amidst all the confusion, one thing is very clear, sugar is poison! Sugars, as in carbohydrates, are bad news because about 75% of us are carbohydrate intolerant to varying degrees. This leads to a myriad of problems but the root of all of them is something called GLYCATION. Glycation is where a sugar molecule binds to protein. Too much of this and the proteins will quit working or become diseased. We see this clearly in diabetics with their tendency toward heart disease, eye and kidney problems, circulatory disease and others. And it’s the same process that affects non-diabetics and is even thought to be behind dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In straight facts, high sugar diets, because of glycation, are the underlying cause of much that is wrong with our health.

That’s the fact. Now, what difference will that make to you?

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