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Why We Have A Guitar

We hung a guitar on our wall for much the same reasons that we serve tea,  except that I am the one who enjoys the guitar. I don’t play especially well or as often as I used to but still very much enjoy it. A number of years ago I took some lessons from a fellow in Calgary, Steve Fisher, and he taught me to play some tunes that I never thought I would be able to play. That was super fun!


To give you an insight into my personality, I once made my wife cry because of my practicing. Because I lack the musical gene, if I’m able to make any music at all, I need to work at it. Anyway, there were these two bars in “Deep River Blues” that I was having trouble mastering and so I was diligently working on them. I worked on them as she fell asleep for a nap and I was still working on them two hours later when she woke up. I kept working on those same eight notes as I followed her into another room to talk. I guess it was too much because she just burst into tears! Perhaps I was a little too intense!

On a different note, one of the great things about music and playing it yourself is that it is very good for your brain. Trying new things and expressing yourself through music is a very right brain dominant activity. We all need to spend more time in our right minds!

So when you’re in next, pick up our new Taylor GS mini with a mahogany top and have a strum.

Do you now or have you ever played an instrument?

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