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Why we Serve Tea

You may have noticed that our office is somewhat different. We stock our bathroom with the finest of amenities including lotions that girls like and real cloth towels to dry your hands. We like to have freshly cleaned, hand-chosen apples available teaand we’ve recently starting serving a selection of teas. Why do we do that?

Well, there are a number of reasons. One is that it is just fun. The girls like tea and we thought you might enjoy what they enjoy. Another reason is that we spend a lot of time at the office and would like it to be a pleasant environment to work in so why not share that with you! But the real reason we serve tea is because you are important to us and we want you to feel that. We take your health seriously and do the best job we can for you and offering you tea and apples and a nice environment is just a small way of saying thanks for putting your trust in us.

So thanks!

By the way, what’s your favorite flavour of tea?

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