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Wintertime Golf Game Improvement

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I have to confess that I used to be a golf nut.  I’d play in all kinds of weather and be just as happy playing alone as I was with my buddies.  I’d read books, practice my swing in front of the bathroom mirror and practice my grip on a butter knife at the dinner table.  It’s an illness!  In recent years, I’ve played less.  Mainly because I’d rather hang out with my kids who have not been so interested in the game.  When I was playing more, I wish I’d had the benefit of knowing what I’m about to explain to you.


To play golf well, as you know, requires excellent timing, great balance, and a strong body.  These are three vital attributes that are best learned off the golf course.  It turns out that these are things that everyone needs to function well.  I say that, because in our work with kids, these are the things we help fix that helps them do better in school.  It just turns out that the technology is also very applicable to helping you with your golf game.


Lesson #1 – Balance


It’s always been my goal to win a club championship.  I haven’t yet but the closest I’ve ever come was the year I worked hard on my balance with something called a Posturomed.  It’s a platform that wobbles on some springs and forces you to increase your stability.  The feedback your body gets from this stimulates your balance nerves to give a dramatically more stable body on any kind of surface.  It has three levels of difficulty built in and we’ve added a fourth to really challenge you.  You will notice a definite improvement as the ground will feel more solid under your feet at address.  This translates into more solid contact with every club in your bag.


Lesson #2 – Strength


Titleist has a fitness program centered around improving body strength with the understanding that common swing faults are directly caused by muscle weakness.  In other words, the missing link in improving your swing is getting stronger in the right way so that your body can do what it should.  No amount of driving range practice can fix these things.  This is why David Leadbetter has one of these machines at his golf school.  It’s called a Spineforce.  We use it to help people with chronic spinal conditions but a side benefit is that it makes you much stronger and better able to swing the club properly.


Lesson #3 – Rhythm and timing


The better you are, the more you realize that tempo and timing are critical to playing well.  You can feel your swing get a little quick when the pressure is on.  The trouble is that no one knows how to measure this or improve it if it’s bad.  Until now.  We use the Interactive Metronome (IM) to help kids with learning troubles but it has also shown great promise with golfers.  In fact, ten hours of IM practice has been shown to improve shot accuracy by 25 -40 percent!  The bigger improvements were seen with better golfers.


There, you have it, three lessons to improve your game over the winter.  If you’re interested in this approach, give us a call and we’ll show you around.


What’s been your biggest challenge in improving your game?


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