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You Can Do Anything You Want

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You just can’t do everything you want!  With the Christmas season upon us there is a great temptation to do it all.  Striving like that is what produces the stress that I’m concerned about.  Most of us already lead lives that feel at least a little bit out of control.  Christmas often puts us over the edge.  That kind of stress will steal the fun and make us sick.  I’d like to see you fully enjoy the season and to that end, here are some reminders to help you keep on track.


  1. What do you want?  Unless you’re happy to let things happen by accident, you need to decide up front what kind of Christmas you’re after.  Get that decided and all else will follow.
  2. Put the big rocks in first.  Get the important things under control first.  After that, work down your list of priorities.  Even if you run out of time, the things you really needed will be complete.
  3. Ask for help.  Don’t be afraid to enlist recruits.  If you can avoid a few short trips to the store or other errands it will save you a ton of time to finish up other chores that only you can do.
  4. Look after yourself.  For your family, you are the best part of the Christmas celebration.  If you’re sick or grouchy it will spoil everyone’s fun.  Don’t feel guilty about looking after your own needs.
  5. Maintain your perspective.  Remind yourself what Christmas is about for you.  When things get out of control, as they are likely to, find a quiet spot and remember why we celebrate.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


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