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You Probably Wouldn't Like It

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A few years ago we designed, developed and finally established our spinal fitness lab.  We think it’s great but it may not be for you.  Here are some reasons why.


  1. Chiropractors can’t be trusted – Chiropractors typically fall near the bottom of the ‘most trusted professions list’ so our motives are often questioned.  If a doctor ventures into something outside the mainstream, the knee-jerk response is to assume he’s in it for the money.  Most can’t see past this.
  2. It’s too innovative – You’ve never heard of anything like it before so it’s natural to be skeptical about its value.  Even though it’s widely used in Europe and by elite training facilities it won’t appeal to you because it’s too new.
  3. Your medical doctor didn’t recommend it - Your MD writes prescriptions and sends people to specialists.  He’s not likely up on cutting edge approaches like this and so you’re not likely to get a recommendation. If you need his approval before you try something, this isn’t for you.
  4. You’re not scared enough – You have to be desperate for a solution and just plain frustrated with your lack of results with other things you’ve tried.  Plainly, most people just aren’t hurting or scared enough to take the risk.
  5. It’s too expensive – You’ll compare our spinal fitness lab with an ordinary gym even though they haven’t solved your problem.  And even though we offer one on one personal training and a program designed to solve your unique issues with equipment that you won’t find anywhere else in western Canada, the price will seem too high.


While our spinal fitness lab may not be for you, if it is, I expect that you’ll be glad you took the leap.


What would be your biggest reason for not trying something new and different?


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