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You Should Always Be Doing This

Photo courtesy of monophysite57-zzz


From my adjusting area I can look out the window at an old poplar tree about a block away by the United Church.  A few years ago, I took notice that its top branches appeared just a few inches above the electrical wires.  I wanted to see if that old tree was still growing.  It is.  Two seasons later it has stretched to about three feet over the wires.


This is a principle of a healthy life.  You should be growing in some fashion right up until you die.  When you were younger, growth was obvious in your physical body.  Then your emotions began to mature.  Further along, you grew intellectually and spiritually.  Always you should be growing and learning.  In some seasons you learn more about yourself and who you are.  At other times, you grow as a friend or become a more loving spouse.  There are always new things to learn new facets of life to explore.  Again, if you’re healthy and well, growth should be a normal part of your experience.


How are you growing right now?


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