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Your New Year's Resolution Won't Work!


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If you’re serious about making a real change in your life, I would encourage you to quickly fail at your New Year resolution.  Once you’ve got that behind you, you can begin a process that will sustain real change.  This process involves taking a deeper look at what you want to change, that is, understanding the why.  It also involves small changes that produce success upon success which will ultimately lead to a sustained difference in your life.  I think you will find great help in the book, “The 2 Degree Difference” by John Trent.


With that in mind, and thinking about your health, I’ll be discussing the five pillars of health over the next several blogs.  My hope is that it will help you see which area requires attention to reach your health goals.


The five pillars are rest, exercise, nutrition, spiritual health, and a healthy nervous system.  If you’ve got these going well, you’re doing things right.  We’ll discuss each of them and some action steps you can begin to take to get you moving.


In preparation for that discussion, spend some time considering why you want to make the changes you seek.  Don’t be satisfied with a superficial answer.  Get to the root of your motivation.  That will give you great power to fuel your change.  Keep asking “why” until you find the core reason.  Better yet, involve your spouse or someone close in the conversation to help unearth the reason for your discontent.


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